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by Corporation Registered Agent LLC

About Your Registered Agent in Utah

Let me tell you about why you need a registered agent in Utah.

Why do we have registered agents in the first place?

Long ago, you just fought dragons and paid tribute to the king. Eventually, economies evolved, new business structures like corporations and limited liability companies emerged. These various business entities were created to protect business owners from liabilities and provide tax advantages. Business entities are afforded standing that is disconnected from the people who form them. Sadly, it didn’t take very much time for people to figure out that they could stay away from legal actions by personally steering clear of process servers. So, to tighten up that loophole, most Secretaries of State insist that companies to designate a “registered agent.”

Briefly, who can perform the duties of a registered agent?

Your Utah statutory agent needs to be a business entity or individual who is a lawful citizen of the state. They ought to be on hand to receive service of process during standard business hours. Registered agents in Utah have to furnish a lawful, business address within the state of Utah.

How does having a registered agent benefit my company?

Most importantly, having a registered agent keeps your company in adherence of state law. Moreover, we accept and scan any legal notice, service of process, letter, or annual report received into your online account locally right here in Utah. You receive immediate notification of any documents scanned into your Utah registered agent client account.

As an added service, we also track your Utah annual report due date and forward you prompts with do-it-yourself links to submit your report on time with Utah.

Can I get in trouble if I don’t have or fail to maintain a registered agent in Utah for my business?

There can be repercussions for not maintaining your Utah registered agent. Penalties may or may not be assessed. The Utah Secretary of State may revoke your corporate or LLC certificate of authority if you fail to maintain your Utah registered agent.