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Corporation Registered Agent

Corporations are required to have and maintain a registered agent with a registered office address in every State. We provide this service for you for $125.00 a year as a flat rate, or less if you have multiple States. We provide corporation registered agent service in all 50 States under our own legal name.

We operate and pay taxes in all 51 jurisdictions to maintain our strategic office locations for corporation registered agent service.

If you are incorporating a new corporation in your home State or one of the popular States like Wyoming, Delaware, or Nevada you will need a corporation registered agent. When you sign up for service online, it creates your online account with us immediately, and provides you with all the forms you can file with the State. The articles of incorporation already have our registered agent information on them for your convenience.

If you are registering an out of State Corporation as a foreign corporation, you’ll be filing for a certificate of authority. Foreign corporations also must have a corporation registered agent. When you use our online signup form, you’ll be securely transferred into your online account and all the forms and instructions you need for the State will be in your resource section. We already have the forms pre-populated with our registered agent information on them. In the case where the State requires your corporation registered agent to sign the document, we have pre-signed the filings for you to use them instantly.

When we say immediate corporation registered agent service, we try very hard to make it actually immediate service.

We upload any items we receive at your corporation registered agent address into your online account. You’ll get an email immediately of a received document. If you don’t log in and look at the document, we send you a letter reminding you of the document that needs your attention.

You can add a new State to your account in less than 3 minutes using your online account.

We charge the same price every year, and when you start adding States you start to get an automatic discount. The price drops to $115.00 after you have 4 States, and $100.00 after you have 10 States.

We are more than a run-of-the-mill registered agent service provider. If you purchase a business formation package with us, we’ll send annual report reminders and give you an easy way to manage your important business documents. Plus, you can add services inside your client portal like our Trade Name (DBA) Service. For an additional $125 plus state fees, we’ll register your DBA with your state.

Thank you for the chance to serve as your corporation registered agent. We legally operate in all 50 States under our own legal name: Registered Agent Services, LLC. If you ever have a problem, we’re a short phone call or email away. We value each and every Corporation we take care of.

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