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by Corporation Registered Agent LLC

About Your North Dakota Registered Agent

Okay, here’s the scoop about registered agent service in North Dakota.

Many companies are on the web providing commercial registered agent services. From the biggest of the detached and overpriced to the smallest, inexperienced local start-ups, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to picking your North Dakota resident agent. We’re not too big and we’re not too small. Our objective is to help you choose the registered agent that is just right for your North Dakota business.

What are the functions of a typical registered agent in North Dakota?

A statutory agent in North Dakota provides a legal address where a person is present during regular business hours. Your registered agent is accountable to accept legal documents and service of process for your company and then forward these documents on to your business. Additionally, your registered agent will remind you about important filing due dates like annual report filings and other things to keep your business compliant. An North Dakota registered agent can also check to make sure your company is in “good standing” with the state.

How does my business benefit from having a registered agent?

Companies in North Dakota benefit in numerous ways by appointing a registered agent. Most importantly, designating a statutory agent keeps your business entity in conformity to North Dakota state code. With as your registered agent, anytime you get any service of process, legal notice, annual report notification or letter – we accept those in your place. Momentarily, we’re uploading your files into your customer account. You’ll get an instant notice of any paperwork we scan into your North Dakota registered agent account. Additionally, we also keep track of your North Dakota filing deadlines and email you reminders with how-to links so you can submit your report ahead of schedule with the State of North Dakota.

How can I appoint my North Dakota registered agent?

Usually you would select your resident agent as part of your business formation paperwork; your articles of incorporation or articles of organization. If you’re just forming your business, we can assist you with that. If you already selected a registered agent but you’re looking for a better alternative, we can help you with that too. Of course, whether you’re just getting started or are ready to make a change, the best method is to sign up for our North Dakota registered agent service.