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by Corporation Registered Agent LLC

About Your Registered Agent in Colorado

Let me tell you about finding a registered agent in Colorado.

Why are there resident agents in the first place?

Back in the good old days, you just tended the farm and paid your taxes to the king. Eventually, economies changed, new company structures like corporations and limited liability companies emerged. These various business entities were created to protect business owners from liabilities and provide tax advantages. Entities are furnished status that is independent from the people who start them. Sadly, it didn’t take very much time for owners to figure out that they could evade legal actions by personally hiding from process servers. So, to tighten up that loophole, most Secretaries of State compel business entities to select a “registered agent.”

How can having a registered agent assist my company?

First and foremost, appointing a registered agent keeps your business in conformity to Colorado state law. In addition, we accept and scan any legal notice, service of process, letter, or annual report received into your online account locally right here in Colorado. You receive immediate notice of any paperwork scanned into your Colorado resident agent customer account.

As an additional Colorado registered agent service, we also keep track of your State annual report due date and email you reminders with how-to links to file your report in a timely manner with the Secretary of State.

What happens if I fail to maintain or don’t have a registered agent for my company?

There can be repercussions for not maintaining your Colorado registered agent. Penalty fees may or may not be assessed. The State of Colorado may revoke your LLC or corporate legal status if you don’t maintain your registered agent.